Sambutan Dekan

Welcome to the Magister Management Pendidikan Islam, Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (UNIMMA)-Central Java, Indonesia. MPI is an excellent choice to attain your business education and prepare for a successful career. Our university is located in a pristine location surrounded by natural beauty. Mountains, nature and streams are all around us. The natural beauty of Marquette Magelang is a wonderful backdrop for your university education. The vast recreational activities enable you to develop a healthy balance between your academic and leisure life.


Akreditasi merupakan salah satu parameter keberhasilan Program Studi dalam mencetak lulusan yang berkopeten dalam bidangnya. Alhamdulillah atas ijin Allah Magister Manajemen Pendidikan Islam mendapatkan “(B BAIK)”

Opportunities After Graduation

Islamic Education Supervisor

Masters who have expertise in performance supervision and education managerial system from planning, implementing, and evaluating in the education institution of school and madrasa.

Progressive Islamic Visionary Education Manager

Masters who have managerial abilities as an education organization leader both formal and informal and have capabilities in accelerating progressive education quality as well as instilling leadership aspect and Islamic intrapreneurship

Professional progressive educator

Education master who prepares professional educator in the madrasa, school and high education which able to innovate in curriculum management and capable in progression to develop a model, design, strategy, method, and technical teaching with Islamic spirit approach.

Islamic Education Consultant and Researcher

Masters who have capabilities to be a consultant and an Islamic education researcher specifically in the field of institution development management, human resource management, administration management, and curriculum management within innovative learning based on community’s need.